vendredi 13 mai 2011

Warsaw in shock!

Residents of Warsaw were in for a shock this week when they witnessed a beautiful lady making her way through the busy capital...

Heads turned and cars grinded to a halt as Marta Siwak, star of hit TV show ‘Top Model’, shed her clothes and began parading down the street, leaving little to the imagination.
According to daily Fakt, the sexy stunt was part of a photo shoot session organised by fashion designer Piotr Krajewski, who had flown the model in specially from Monte Carlo to take part.
“We had organised the photo shoot on Ulica Zlota and at the beginning everything was going great,” Krajewski told reporters.
But despite the crowd of smiling onlookers, not everybody was happy with the spectacle on offer...

“Some of the people in the crowd were offended by what we were doing and called the police,” said Krajewski bitterly. “The authorities eventually arrived and not only warned us about what we were doing, but issued us with a fine.”
He continued, “I ask you, what kind of a person would do something like that? If I bumped into a naked woman passing me in the street, I would simply look at her with delight. Calling the police would be the last thing on my mind.”
The designer went on to praise Ms Siwak, explaining that she was one of the only models brave enough to take part in the unusual session.
“She came all the way from Monte Carlo to do the shoot. She was one of the few girls who had the guts to do it.”
Straight-laced police nipped a bizarre fashion shoot in the bud when a naked model clutching a wedding dress brought traffic to a halt.
The picture session - in Warsaw, Poland - sparked a string of 999 calls from members of the public reporting a "lunatic" running around in the nude.
Model Marta Siwak - who had starred in the Poland's Top Model reality TV show - stripped off at the entrance to an underpass and brought commuter traffic to a standstill as goggle-eyed motorists stopped to stare at her.
Designer Piotr Krajewski said: "The police didn't see the funny side. Not only did they stop us, but they fined us too for causing public nuisance."

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